Unveiling SlimTech™️ Insulation Technology at KBIS 2024

Watch as Chelsey Whitehead, Product and Brand Marketing Director, JennAir, takes us through SlimTech™️ Insulation Technology at KBIS 2024.

Hi. I am Chelsey Whitehead. We are here at the Whirlpool Corp. booth at KBIS and I’m going to walk you through SlimTech™.

All right, so this is our beautiful JennAir Column 30-inch refrigerator. What we want to talk about is our new SlimTech insulation. So as you probably know, traditionally refrigerators are insulated with foam, and foam is very thick and it's also not recyclable.

So with the Whirlpool Corporation R&D team has been working on this for many, many, many years. They have come up with an amazing solution how to properly insulate your refrigerator. It's called SlimTech. And so what they do is they put this proprietary powder into the refrigerator and what happens is it actually allows the refrigerator to be 66% thinner.

Sorry, the walls be 66% thinner, which will unlock 25% more capacity when you're able to apply it to the full cavity. It also has really incredible preservation benefits to it because the technology is so good and actually makes sure that the temperature inside of it is a lot more stable so you don’t get these huge temperature spikes, which enables a much better preservation story.

Lastly, what's really cool about it is we are on a path to reclaim ability. So right now if you actually have a refrigerator, you can't recycle it because it has the foam in there. What you're able to do with this new proprietary powder is you're actually able to extract it from the unit and reuse it the next time you build the refrigerator.

So again, one of the best parts about this does make these walls a lot thinner and this is a really good demonstration of that. So this is what traditional foam looks like. It's about five centimeters. And actually when you use SlimTech it'll be about two centimeters, it's pretty incredible. You can see how thin this wall is here. It's a really good representation of it.

And the first iteration of this will be coming out with JENNAIR 30 inch column. It'll be on the door only it'll be available sometime in Q3.


To learn more about Whirlpool Corporation’s presence at KBIS 2024 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, visit whirlpoolpro.com/kbis2024.



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