5 Timeless Kitchen Design Features

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The kitchen is the heart of the home where families will make lots of memories for years to come. Today, homeowners are more focused on the kitchen than ever, with 53%1 of dealers and designers finding that more attention is being paid to kitchens than before the pandemic and 60%2 saying their clients are willing to invest more in their kitchens. When it comes to the design of the space, homeowners are looking for a classic kitchen that can withstand the test of time in both aesthetics and functionality.

For those tasked with building and designing homes, one of the secrets to success is the integration of features that won’t go out of style. From the right layout to hardworking appliances, these five elements will help you design a kitchen that stands the test of time, remaining beautiful yet functional no matter how many trends may come and go:


Multi-Purpose Layouts

A kitchen’s design should accommodate the various activities that may happen within the space, from prep and cooking to homework and snacking. An open layout allows for a multi-purpose kitchen, blending living spaces together to encourage interaction, entertainment and so much more. In fact, 40% of homeowners3 are opting for an open-layout home.

When creating a multi-purpose layout, make sure to include:


Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are the most popular appliance finish among 74% of U.S. households,9 and for good reason. This finish complements a range of color palettes and styles, making it a neutral yet central element of any kitchen’s design. Plus, they’re low maintenance and easy to wipe down to keep the kitchen spotless.

The KitchenAid® 25.1 Cu. Ft. 42” Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water Dispenser has a stainless steel with PrintShield finish, which is a specialized coating for stainless steel that’s easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, so homeowners can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning up. It also has an under-shelf prep zone which turns unused space into a useful spot for home chefs to prep for meals.

Living Room, Kitchen, and Eating Nook in New Luxury Home

Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are a classic and cozy choice for the kitchen that’s not likely to go out of style. It goes great with any style and seamlessly connects living spaces. Don’t count out wood-like materials either! Laminate wood flooring or porcelain planks that look like wood,10 for example, offer that same warm style but may be easier for homeowners to maintain in the long run.


Neutral Cabinetry

There’s a new trendy color for kitchen cabinetry seemingly every year, but these trendy colors probably won’t last the test of time. Instead of choosing one of those, choose a cabinet shade that homeowners won’t get sick of, such as cream, pale grey, an earthy light green, pale blue or beige.11 A more neutral shade is easier to style and can adapt easily to homeowners’ changing decor tastes.

Kitchen remodel home renovation interior design consultation for countertop choices - quartz sample at store.

Quartz Countertops

Marble was a highly sought-after countertop material, but isn’t as long-lasting as other materials, like quartz. Quartz has the look of marble but is more durable12 so it can withstand all the use a kitchen gets. Again, selecting neutral colors for the countertop is the way to go to ensure homeowners won’t feel the need to update it in a few years.

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