4 Home Trends 2022 Buyers May Expect

A new year tends to spark inspiration and motivation for improvements in all aspects of life. For many home buyers, their resolutions may center on upgrading their homes, or moving into a new home entirely. In fact, 72%1 of homeowners will consider at least one home improvement project in 2022, with nearly 50%2 thinking about remodeling the kitchen. And, new home sales are forecasted to rise to 920,000 in 20223, an increase of over 100,000 compared to 2021.

When it comes to new home buying and remodeling projects in 2022, these four trends are expected to influence what buyers are looking for:

Simplistic Living

With work-from-home now being the norm for many, buyers are looking to balance the demands4 of their daily lifestyle with a home environment that promotes relaxation. Simple, minimalistic design can help support this desire by putting function at the forefront, and preventing clutter - one of the leading causes of stress5 in a homeowner's life. Prioritizing purposeful and essential pieces6 can also help, such as:

  • Double-duty appliances
  • Functional furniture
  • Lots of storage

When designing and building a home conducive to minimalism, be sure to incorporate lots of natural light7 (using energy efficient windows8), a neutral color palette9 and an open-concept10. For the kitchen, appliances that do the work of multiple appliances can help keep countertops clear while improving life at home for your buyers. For example, the Whirlpool® 5.8 Cu. Ft. Gas 7-in-1 Air Fry Oven has all the capabilities of a traditional oven, plus air fryer technology, to create an all-in-one home solution.

Dual-Purpose Rooms

More time spent in their homes has homeowners putting every inch of their spaces to work: bedrooms double as an office and the living room can also be a classroom. This means they'll begin to expect these spaces to work harder11 for them. Whether it's extra storage in the dining room or a desk in the guest room, buyers are on the hunt for multifunctional12 homes that can meet and exceed their needs.


The island has long been a staple in the kitchen, and its value is only growing. It can work even harder for homeowners by not only adding storage, but also housing additional appliances13. Including an undercounter beverage center or a built-in microwave within the island keeps the traffic in the main area of the kitchen to a minimum while the cook is hard at work. Some homeowners may even prefer two kitchen islands: one for food preparation and the other for homework or entertaining.

Compact Laundry Spaces

While a full-size laundry room may be desirable for a lot of homeowners, it may not always be attainable. In 2022, smart space planning and hardworking storage will be utilized to create a compact laundry space14 in the home, wherever it may fit best.

When designing a small space, it's important to add hidden storage for detergent and other laundry accessories, and appliances that take up less room. The Whirlpool® 2.8 cu. ft. Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer, for example, combines two appliances in one to open up the space while providing maximum function. Plus, users can monitor and control their loads from anywhere using the Whirlpool® app.

Color … Specifically Green


2022 is the year of green - at least that's what color experts are saying. Almost every major paint company chose a shade of green15 for it's 2022 Color of the Year. And, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll, 62%16 of Americans are willing to use green paint somewhere in their home. On Houzz, searches for "green kitchen cabinets" were up 829%17 and "green tile bathroom" were up 771%18 in 2021 over the previous year. Take it one step further by incorporating a green appliance, like the avocado cream-colored KitchenAid® 36" Smart Commercial-Style Gas Range with 6 Burners. This hue brings nature inside19, and also represents rebirth and regrowth20, something homeowners are embracing in 2022.

For additional details about our appliance offerings, contact a sales rep today. Keep up with other trends and news in your industry by visiting The Trade Channel page.

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