How We Are Using Virtual Reality to Innovate


NARRATOR: Whirlpool Corporation's CAD and Mechanical Structure team utilizes many tools designed to improve our product quality. One of those tools is simulation. Using virtual reality technology during the design process assures that engineering specifications are consistent and correct.

PRASHANT RUPEREE, SENIOR MANAGER, PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: We need to be very efficient in the front side of the process. We need to just lock our designs in the right way and make sure all the control parameters have been well-specified, so that our quality of products are maintained over time.

NARRATOR: In the early stages of product development, mockups are created in order to verify that design parameters are being met - and that they'll meet consumer needs.

RUPEREE: Me and my team, we are using a lot of technology tools to design and develop engineering concepts to manufacturable, viable designs, and releasing them for further downstream operations like manufacturing - or release to procurement to procure them.

NARRATOR: Some of these mockups are physical models, and others are virtual - created entirely in the digital world. Teams across the globe are able to collaborate in a digital space with virtual reality and computer models.

RUPEREE: It's all about the power, about collaboration, right? That how quickly you can get people sitting across the globe understanding what you are trying to get alignment on. That's the key.

NARRATOR: Not only does digital modeling help in the design of products, but it helps our teams to design manufacturing lines that are safe, efficient and ergonomic for our employees.

RUPEREE: We put our people first when we are designing the process - I mean, not only for process, for everything - but just in process, ergonomics is the key. How to verify ergonomics early in the program without building [a] physical prototype, that's where this virtual reality comes in the picture. This tool will help us to make sure we understand what is the core requirement consumer is looking for, and quickly verify it.

NARRATOR: All of these early design considerations have one ultimate goal in mind: to improve the life of our consumers at home.



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