Gen-Z Home Trends with Jason Wilkinson



Jason Wilkinson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Whirlpool Corporation

"Homeowners are looking for appliances that really fit their lifestyle.

"One key trend that we see emerging is kind of related to small-space living, but it’s basically the notion that everybody lives differently in their space. Consumers are constantly making a trade-off between living space, storage space, and 'appliance space,' we’ll call it, whether it’s kitchen or laundry.

"And looking to break that constraint, multifunctional appliances or an increased assortment of smaller products. If a consumer doesn’t need a lot of refrigerator space, maybe they would prefer to have a smaller refrigerator and devote more of their living space to cooking.

"The role of the kitchen continues to change. You know, back in the day, it was more utilitarian. Today, you know, you go to a party and find yourself hanging out in the kitchen most of the time. And as a result, people who either love to cook or love to entertain are looking for products that show their sense of personal style. They may not admit this, but they want to make their friends envious."

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