3 Home Building Trends for Tomorrow’s Buyers with Jason Wilkinson



Jason Wilkinson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Whirlpool Corporation


Connected Homes

"Connectivity continues to be a huge trend in home appliances. Laundry is a chore, and if you’ve got three loads of laundry to do, the amount of time you wait between loads matters, and basically keeps you in the laundry room all day.

"And so, with our Whirlpool app, our laundry pairs now notify you when they’re ready to be switched, or if you want a little bit more time to dry so that you ensure that it comes out dry and you don’t have any rework, these are now products that you can offer to your home buyers because Whirlpool Corporation is bringing them to market."


Small Space Living

"Small-space living is an incredibly important trend in appliance design. We typically define small-space living as, you know, urban living. But actually, we’re seeing trends in in-law suites, where maybe the parents come to visit or even maybe move back in, and in that case they need a new kitchenette or laundry.

"Another trend is actually rental properties. Some people are, for additional income, setting up a rental property as part of their primary residence. In that case, setting up a secondary living space is important as well. Whirlpool has a great offering, but we’re continuing to expand on that offering as people live in smaller spaces."


Personalization and Customization

"People are looking to express themselves in their kitchen now, and that’s why, in our product portfolio, you’ll see more color. People who love to cook and spend a lot of time over their range want a range that expresses their personal style.

"In sort of a similar vein, people who entertain a lot want products that even, and they may not admit this, but they want to make their friends envious. And so JennAir has done a great job of producing some products that’s sure to make a lot of people envious."


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