Blurring the line between furniture and machine.

Consumers today want a kitchen suite that is sleek and stylish and complements their unique taste, while also meeting the challenge and demands that come with a busy kitchen. We’ve responded to these preferences with stunning breakthroughs in color and design.

See color & design in action.

Explore the exciting new colors and designs that we're incorporating into our latest products to meet consumer demand.

KitchenAid® Fingerprint-Resistant Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Suite

The First-Ever Black Stainless Line of Appliances!

Stunning Design

The soft, brushed metal of our black stainless appliances is offset by chrome details and satin-textured handles.

Versatile Style

Designed to stand out on its own or blend with other black and stainless steel appliances, the suite makes a bold statement while complementing the design of your kitchen.

PrintShield™ Finish

Resists smudges while enhancing the appliance’s overall look. This new feature for KitchenAid® takes the worry out of keeping a working kitchen beautiful for your customers.

Whirlpool® Fingerprint-Resistant Black Stainless Steel Kitchen Suite

Approachable and Modern
The suite is expertly crafted for seamless integration and high performance.

Your customers will appreciate the surface’s ability to hide fingerprints, smudges and daily wear, and easily wipe clean.

Soft, Brushed, Matte Black Finish

Allows for a neutral canvas when renovating.

Maytag® Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Kitchen Suite

Fingerprints Won’t Show

Engineered to hide fingerprints so stainless steel keeps looking stainless.

Quick and Easy Cleanup

Your customers can easily wipe away tough smears.

Color & design at work.

When developing new styles and finishes, we take every step of the homebuilding process into account. See how our innovations in color and design can be beneficial to your role.

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