Whirlpool Corporation to Explore the Transformative Effect of Color During KBTribeChat


Color has the power to evoke emotions and can set the tone in a space. It can inspire cozy and calm vibes, or offer a bright and energetic aesthetic. It can even alter the way rooms feel, making them appear more spacious or more intimate.

Consumers who have spent more time in their homes over the last year are prioritizing their surroundings and have expressed a desire for personalization1. Color is an ideal customization tool that allows people to transform a home and make it their own. However, color trends come and go, and there are a myriad of ways to introduce color in the home — some better than others.

Join Whirlpool Corporation (@WhirlpoolCorp) on Wednesday, April 28, as the company hosts a KBTribeChat on ways to add interest in the home with color.

Whirlpool Corporation, the world’s leading kitchen and laundry appliance company, designs appliance solutions that offer ways to introduce various colors and finishes to enhance the aesthetics of a space. The Whirlpool Corporation brand portfolio has been thoughtfully designed to help building industry professionals meet the needs and wants of today’s home buyers, whether they’re looking for a small pop of color or a timeless stainless steel appliance.

Save the date for 2 p.m. ET Wednesday, April 28 as Whirlpool Corporation plays host to a discussion on incorporating color into the home. Preview our chat questions:

  • How are home color trends expected to evolve post-pandemic?
  • What are some of today’s home design trends, and what role does color play in those?
  • When it comes to home appliances, which colors and finishes do homeowners tend to want most and why?
  • What are some unique ways to incorporate color into a space?
  • What colors can we expect to see more of throughout kitchens in 2021 and beyond?



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