Improving Life through House + Home with Habitat for Humanity

We believe the four walls around us have the power to unlock immense opportunity for the people who dwell within. A comfortable, nurturing place to live enabling healthy choices, is essential for everyone as the first step in their journey towards a better life. That's why Whirlpool Corporation gives purposefully of our time, funds, and products to the communities where we live and work, with partners like Habitat for Humanity. Because everyone deserves a house to live well and find comfort in.

What makes a house truly special lies in the personal touches; the gathering spaces for friends and family; the feeling of security knowing you have a place to call your own. And, a house provides the blueprint for success in life: where you prepare for work, study after school, raise children in, care for aging parents and conjure dazzling plans for the future. That's why we invest in initiatives that support people at all steps in the journey of life, and the communities around them. Because vibrant, participatory communities play an important role in improving life at home.

See how we're partnering with Habitat for Humanity to work toward a future where house + home is possible for everyone:

Learn what matters to us and find more information on our social responsibility initiatives here.



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