Pairings Options for Builders


Jessica McConnell
Global Consumer Design
Senior Manager
Whirlpool Corporation

“I would recommend that they work to make the appliance look as integrated as possible with the cabinets, whether that's refrigerators that are sort of built into an enclosure or the colors are just more harmonious.”

“If you have a light, cool gray cabinet in a painted finish, that you would then pair it with our anti-fingerprint stainless steel, for instance. That's a beautiful integrated look. Even white cabinets with our anti-fingerprint stainless is a beautiful look.”

“And some of our other colors – kind of pairing that with some of the other warmer tones that you would see in the kitchen. So, for instance, sunset bronze looks fabulous with walnut, or sort of a darker tone wood cabinet, or even a white oak.”

“So, it depends on what your other colors are going on in the kitchen, and it gives you that aesthetic that you're looking for.”

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