KitchenAid Documentary “A Woman’s Place” Empowers Women in the Culinary Industry, Now Streaming on Hulu

Despite their incredible contributions, women have struggled to make it in professional kitchens — held back by inequalities unfairly put upon them. As a brand built by women and that stands for creating possibility in the kitchen, KitchenAid is challenging inequality, helping to advance women in culinary arts and support the industry at large.

KitchenAid proudly announces a documentary short that showcases the inspiring stories of emerging women in the culinary industry and the way they combat gender inequality every day. The film raises awareness of the harsh inequalities women in the culinary profession face and is an initiative to empower and elevate them to the top of the industry.



In partnership with Vox Creative, Digitas and Ventureland, the 30-minute documentary, directed by Academy Award Winner Rayka Zehtabchi, provides a provocative and honest look at the biases and barriers women face in the culinary industry through the stories of three inspiring chefs who are pushing for change.

Watch the film or learn more about the program and how to support female culinary professionals at



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