Color & Design: 3 Big Kitchen Trends for Must-Have Homes


Kelly Safis
General Manager
Builder Sales
Whirlpool Corporation

1. Seamless finishes
“Appliances today have started to change colors, and we found that we have consumers that want them to blend into their kitchen a little bit more. One of the newest colors is sunset bronze. Sunset bronze is kind of a warm stainless steel, not quite what you would call a rose quartz, but definitely not stainless steel, and in different lights it actually takes on a little bit different color.”

“The other color I want to mention too is black stainless. Black stainless is the fasting growing color in the appliance industry today. Between the sunset bronze and the black stainless we have some beautiful options to the stainless-steel kitchens that you’ve seen in the past.”

2. Purposeful designs
“The other thing that’s changed a little bit is not just the color but the profile. So, if you look at some of our dishwashers that have pocket handles, that tends to blend in with your cabinetry. Our new low-profile microwave, vastly different than the normal over-the-range microwave, it’s a much shorter microwave – still handles your grande Starbucks or your 13x9 casserole pan, but it’s less intrusive in your kitchen, and it doesn’t kind of stick out like the current OTR (over the range) is (does).”

3. Accent metals
“So, the other thing that consumers are looking for beyond just blending is a little bit of that mixed metal look. We saw it first in hardware in the kitchen, now we’re seeing it come to appliances in the kitchen – so, that we think is a great option for our builders to be looking at.”


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